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Tomorrow marks five whole week since I went into self-isolation I have been out three times for essential blood tests relating to my Warfarin levels. Warfarin controls clotting levels and therefore needs regular monitoring to ensure it is within safe limits. Forgoing these tests is not an option.

In the early days of this virus I became anxious listening all to the news. The more I read about risk factors and potential complications the more anxious I felt. I decided to limit the time I spent listening to the media briefings. Instead I chose to focus on the positives. I get to spend more time with my family and time to do the things I want to do. It also means I can't avoid my uni work. Whilst the situation is not ideal I decided early on that I would do all I could to protect my own health . The alternative is unthinkable.

In 2018 unexpectedly found myself intensive care after a planned surgical procedure. I spent two days on a ventilator and have a clear memory of my time there. I remember how I struggled to breathe and how utterly terrifying it feels. I am well aware of my risk of complications should I develop the virus. My body has fought through several health complications and quite frankly I sometimes think it's a miracle I'm still standing knowing the limitations of my body. I just don't know how many more battles my body has left and I don't intend on finding out anytime soon.

An experience like that makes you appreciate the everyday things in life. The ability to get up and walk unaided  (there was a time I couldn't do this) , a nice cup of tea, reading a good book, a cosy pair of pyjamas or a slice of your favourite cake.. I was lying in bed the other night thinking of how strange the world is right now. Then I thought I have everything I need . I was cosy warm, wearing a clean pair of pyjamas, reading a book  ,our freezer is full and I have my family.

The lockdown is difficult for many people for many different reasons. Many will be left without jobs/ income, those suffering domestic abuse will be at increased risk and many will suffer with mental health issues or loneliness. Others will be left without food and those without outside space will have limited options to get outside for permitted exercise. But I choose to focus on what I can control.

Stay safe everybody

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