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My Liver - Part 1

I have experienced problems with my liver for approximately 10 years. It began with abnormal bloods, which didn't appear to concern my team, but my liver increased in size. I was eventually referred to a general surgeon who could not find a definitive diagnosis. He suspected it was caused by one of my medications but as he had only ever seen it in a text book....he could not be sure. I have had numerous scans and whilst they have confirmed the increase in the size of the liver no treatment has ever ben discussed. Over the years I've asked several times whether further investigation would be an idea. But the suggestion has always been dismissed. At the beginning of 2018 I asked my GP for a referral to a specialist to see a Liver expert. He informed me tat to do so he would need to obtain the agreement of my local general hospital (due to commissioning rules). I later learnt that the request had been declined.

Whilst I was at the Royal Brompton (in May 2018) they did a liver scan and stated that they wanted me to undergo further tests to try and understand exactly what they were seeing. They had three imaging doctors in the room. In October I was admitted overnight to the Brompton for a series of tests. I underwent a CT scan of my liver (very quick and painless). The scan showed that I had a congenital Liver condition!! Essentially I'm missing a large vein from my Liver! They did not tell me any more and unusually I didn't ask any questions probably because the it came as a shock. What amazes me is it's taken them 30 years to discover this despite my numerous treatments and tests. I have now been referred to see a Liver specialist at a different hospital.

Hopefully the referral will provide me with some answers.

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