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Russian roulette!!

I have been having problems with the my thyroid for a number of years. In 2016 I was referred to an endocrinologist because the thyroid was affecting my heart rhythm. When I first met him my thyroid levels were extremely high due to one of my heart drugs. I was immediately taken off my thyroid medication. He prescribed some steroids and reviewed me in clinic a few months later.

In 2018 year my thyroid had become too low and it has been necessary to monitor it via regular blood tests. But we decided that it was probably too risky to restart my thyroid drugs because it would probably have an unwanted affect on my heart rhythm. The thyroid has a role in almost every organ/chemical function in the body. However, the thyroid hormone (TSH) is currently working twice as hard in an attempt to try and compensate for the low levels.

I saw him again in October 2019 and our conclusion was to leave things well alone although we may have to review that within 3-6 months. I would continue to have regular bloods done and the results would be sent directly to him. In early December I unexpectedly received a letter from Dr Wong stating that he had seen my recent test results (taken between October and December) and he was now very concerned at my thyroid levels. So concerned that he felt that restarting my levothyroxine now outweighed the risk of aggravating cardiac symptoms.He advocated starting with a very low dose to minimise potential problems. 

I wanted to discuss the issue with him personally. I finally spoke to him today and I have agreed to go ahead with his plan and see him in clinic at the end of March. I will be collecting my levothyroxine prescription next week.

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