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Spinning Around!

Last Friday evening I was quietly minding my own business. I was stood at the sink washing up after supper when I thought I felt unsteady.....within seconds the room was spinning and I was burning up. My grip tightened around the edge of the sink in the hope of trying to remain upright. I began to feel sick .Thankfully I didn't faint or throw up. I slowly managed to walk (holding on to furniture) to a chair. I then phoned my mum (who was in another room) who came running. She got me a glass of cold water and we walked slowly to the sitting room and sat quietly on the sofa for the rest of the evening.

I'm hoping that it was a one off. I believe it was a result of result of low blood pressure. Whilst I have had low blood pressure for some time I have never experienced a 'dizzy spell' before. Since last week I have taken the precautionary measure of reducing my dose of beta blocker, something my cardiologist has previously suggested, which seems to have improved slow heart rate. Seriously, this business is a very fine balance. Unless I have another episode in the meantime I will notify my team when I am admitted, for my procedure, early next month.

I have since decided to purchase a blood pressure machine for home monitoring.

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